In Memory of
 Dr. & Mrs. Roland & Martye Garlick


Help perpetuate the memory of Dr. & Mrs. Roland & Martye Garlick by providing a loving home for abandoned and fatherless children in their memory.

A structural engineer visited the Annabel de Vallejo Home this week and inspected the second house we are building in Memory of Missionary Roland Garlick (Joy’s Dad).  He informed us that we need to urgently seal the roof and plaster the walls to save the buildings as there is damage due to humidity. We are in our rainy season, and if we do not fix this, we will have severe structural damage. We need $9,302.00 to seal the roof and beams this week, and then we need to plaster and protect the walls which will cost $23,256 for the plastering of the entire house.  If you could help in any way, we would greatly appreciate it.  We do not want to lose all that we have invested in the house. We are wanting to help rescue more children, and this additional home will be a great blessing when it is finished.
Watch the following Slide Presentation to see how you can have a part in providing a home for needy boys and girls.
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The following are pictures from earlier phases of the construction.