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Coloring Book of the Bible!  ¡Libro de Colorear de la Biblia!

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26 Lessons on Bible Doctrines with additional coloring book and memory verses for children.

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Women of the Bible Series (Adult and Children Lessons- Includes Coloring Page and Memory Verse.)

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Women of the Bible Series
1. First Steps of the Christian Life (13 Lesson) By Missionary Robert Murillo 

 Soul Winning Lessons (10 Lessons) By Missionary Robert Murillo 

3. Bible Doctrines (26 Lessons) By Missionary Robert Murillo

4. Rebellious People of the Bible (13 Lessons) By Missionary Robert Murillo

 A study of the Book of Acts (Adults) 24 Lessons Dr. Jack Hyles
6. A study of the Book of Acts (Children Series) 24 Lessons Dr. Jack Hyles

7. A 5 week course on Missions, By Missionary Robert Murillo (Each lesson comes with coloring page for children.)

8. Through the Bible Series (66 Adult and Children's Lessons)  Dr. Jack Hyles

9. Through the Bible Coloring Book available in English and Spanish.  (A coloring page for every book of the Bible with memory verse.)

10. Women of the Bible (13 Adult and Children's Lessons) Dr. Jack Hyles (Coloring page included for each children's lesson.)

11.  Favorite Chapters of the Bible (4 Series of 13 Lessons Each) Dr. Jack Hyles - Adults (5th Series and Children's Lessons available in the near future.)

12. Bible Doctrines Coloring Book. (26 Coloring Pages with Memory verse that go along with the Bible Doctrines Lessons.)
13. Characteristics of the New Testament Church (12 Lessons) By Missionary Robert Murillo

We are making available the following Sunday School lessons. We ask that you make a minimum donation of $75.00 for these lessons.  After giving towards these lessons, you will be directed to the web page where you can download them. 

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Estamos poniendo a disposición las siguientes lecciones de Escuela Dominical.  Pedimos una minima cantidad de $75.00 USD. Después de hacer su donación va a estar dirigida a la página del WEB donde pueda descargar sus lecciones.

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