AUGUST 2010

This is the group of workers from our church that made it possible. They  did an average of 23 Bible Clubs each day.


We had a combined total for the 5 days of 6,871 in attendance with 4,127 different people attend, and 3,579 souls saved. Praise the Lord!

There were 27 workers in our 8 passenger van! They were a tired but happy group!

Our family along with 1 other teenager on just one day had 152 people in our Bible Clubs with 104 saved. Joshua preached and Hannah gave the missionary story. What a blessing to see our children active in serving the Lord.

This Bible Club was run by a couple of our young people. They had the biggest clubs with over 200 in one day in their different clubs.
This was one of the Bible Clubs run by Hector and Sandy Estrada. Sandy was saved in our church at the age of 8. They are presently on deputation to be missionaries in Brazil.

Our 3 Missions had 2,225 in attendance with1338 different people attend  with 1069 saved.